Raising Holland Lop Bunnies, for Pets and Show!

Babies in the Nestbox! 

Fall litters are being born this month! Lets hope for some cuties!

These are all of my current litters! I do have a waiting list for the babies but some will be available. Typically I have about a 3-4 month waiting period for certain colors and bunnies. If you are interested in being added to my  waiting list please send me an e-mail. Thank you for your interest in Live, Laugh, Lops bunnies! 

Mini Rex Litter: 

Charlotte and Boot's

Born 10/16/2017

This was Charlottes first litter. Charlotte and Boots are both owned and cared for by Dover High School Animal Science students. 

I may not have the right names for the colors- I am not as familiar with mini rex colors.

1. Broken Caster Buck

2. Broken Caster Doe- Pending Katie

3. Broken Caster Buck

4. Black Otter Doe- Sold Madison W.

5. Caster- Pending Maddison H.

6. Broken Black Buck (not in above picture)

Ready Dec. 11th 2017

Lionhead litter:

Born 10/31/2017

Yes another non-lop litter. My students convinced me to get Nala, who was a pregnant lionhead. She just gave birth at school to 3 little babies. All are doublemaned. It appears to be a sable point, tort, and broken orange. Such cute little ugly things! lol!

1. Tort Buck

2. Sable Point Buck- Keeping

3. Broken Orange Doe- Pending Sue

Ready Dec. 23rd 2017

Holland Lops!

Born 11/2/2017

LLL's Hunnybunns and LLL's Bean

Hurray! A holland lop litter! So excited for these cuties. The parents are both such cuddle bunnies and they are so nice I have high hopes that these babies will be amazing as well. 

1. Harlequin Buck- Pending

2. Harlequin Doe 

Ready Dec 28th 2017

Holland Lops!

Born 11/2/2017

LLL's Mim and LLL's Moose

One little survivor! Just a singleton but doing great! This little baby is a Chocolate Chestnut. Such a neat color. I am thinking its a boy. 

Pending Lianna

Ready Dec 28th 2017

Holland Lops! 

Born 11/15/2017

Parents are: LLL's Ari (sable point) and Lori's McGee (Broken Black)

This first time mom made an incredible nest and is doing great. She had two little broken black babies that take after their daddy.

Not Ready until: January 10th 2018

Holland Lops!

Born Thanksgiving Morning! 11/23/2017

LLL's Belle and LLL's Prince

Three adorable little nuggets! So thankful for a healthy litter and such a great mommy!


Due to the confusion of the waiting list I have decided to make the list private. I now keep track on a excel spreadsheet. If you would like to wait for a certain color, sex, or breed I would be happy to let you know when I get them. If you should change your mind or back out once I contact you on an available bunny than you will be removed from the list or moved to the bottom of the list. Once I contact you about the availability of a bunny you have one week to respond, after that I will contact the next person on the list. I can not hold a bunny without a deposit. Deposits can be made via paypal, please e-mail and I can explain how to do it. I only accept paypal or cash. Sorry no checks or money orders.

PENDING- Deposit is on the way

HOLD- A deposit has been received on the bunny

SOLD- Paid in full and will pick up when old enough

WATCHING- I want to watch this bunny as it may be a keeper

KEEPING- Bunny is staying with me so that I can see how he/ she matures =)

                               UPDATED: 12/1/ 2017