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Raising Holland Lop Bunnies, for Pets and Show!

Contact Information

Phone: If you would like to talk in person please email me, and I will give you my phone number. Thanks!

Location: Barnstead NH, 20 minutes from Concord NH

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LIVE, LAUGH, LOPS is a Member of the ARBA!

To learn more about the ARBA visit thier website:

Other Rabbitries:

Manely Lions Rabbitry in NH--Specializes in Lionhead Bunnies.

Winchesters Rabbitry in Barrington-- Specializing in holland lops and chinchillas (the rabbit breed) visit them on facebook!

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Welcome to Live, Laugh, Lops! Please visit us at our new website:

This is LLL's Mocha! Her mommy is Almond Joy and her Dad is Lucky! She now lives with Paulina and family.

About Live, Laugh, Lops!

Welcome to my website! This website is dedicated to lops. I specialize only in Holland Lops. I love all of the lop breeds, but in order to keep my rabbitry smaller but improve the breed standard I know I have to focus on one breed. I choose the Holland lop, I love their small size and huge personalities! My main goals for my rabbitry are to provide healthy, good tempered rabbits for both pets and show.

My rabbitry is located in beautiful Barnstead, New Hampshire. Live, Laugh, Lops is only a small rabbitry with a herd of around thirty bunnies. The bunnies are my kids and are very social and great cuddlers. Many of the rabbits spend time at the high school where I teach Animal Science to juniors and seniors. They aid in teaching my students important lessons about responsibility, animal care, reproduction, selective breeding, health care, and genetics.

The name for my rabbitry comes from my favorite motto. Live, Laugh, Love. I am a firm believer that everyone can make a difference in the lives of others and that we must live everyday as if it is our last. It is my belief that the world would be a better place if everyone laughed a little more. These beliefs don't just lie with my friends and family but my animal friends as well.

ARBA and HLRSC Member

Live, Laugh, Lops is a proud member of both the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club and the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Animal CPR and First Aid

I am a certified Pet Tech Instructor, which means that I can train individuals how to perform Animal CPR and First Aid. If interested in learning more about Pet Tech or about taking a class please e-mail me or check out the website: