Raising Holland Lop Bunnies, for Pets and Show!


So one of the most common questions I get about rabbits is why lops? There are several reasons why I love lops. First is that I think that thier faces are some of the most exspressive and cutest of all of the bunnies (I know I am being unfair to some of the other breeds because they are cute too.) Another reason is that lops tend to have a calmer more gentle nature than some of the other breeds. Which since I only raise lops I can't prove, but its what I've heard.

Another common question is: How big will my bunny get? There are five recognized loped rabbit breeds. You have the English Lop, the French Lop, the Mini Lop, the American Fuzzy Lop, and the Holland Lop. Some rabbit breeders are developing plush lops and velveteen lops (crosses between lops and rexes), but they are not recognized breeds yet in the United States. Another rumor is that they are trying for a micro lop that would be even smaller than the holland lop, at about the size of a Netherland Dwarf. So on to explain the breeds.

The first breed is the English Lop. These rabbits have ears that reach a length of up to 22 inches! They are a large breed of rabbit. From a pet standpoint, they are very cool and unique. There aren't too many breeders out there who raise these fun rabbits. If you were looking into adding this breed to your herd I highly reccomend lots of research before you do. As these breeds have problem with frostbite in the winter and can have ear problems.

 The second breed is the French Lop this breed is thought to be created by breeding English Lops and the Giant Normande rabbits together. They tend to weigh about sixteen pounds and are another large breed rabbit. These guys although they are big tend to have the personality of a dog, and are extremely good natured.

 Mini lops are actually developed in Germany and where known as the " Klein Widder". A mini lop should weigh between 4.5 to 6.5 pounds. They can make wonderful pets and tend to work well with other pets in the house.

 The American Fuzzy Lops this breed is the newest of the lops, only being officially recognized in 1988. It is often mistaken that the Fuzzy Lop has Angora in They are actually derived from two Holland Lops. Both of the Hollands had a recesive wool gene that was exspressed when they where bred together. Creating the Fuzzy Lop. This rabbit shouldn't weigh over 4 pounds and should have a compact appearance like the Holland Lop.

 Holland Lops are the smallest of the lops. These little guys should ideally weigh 3 pounds, though anything from 2.5 to 4.5 pounds is accepted. These guys are dubbed the bull dog of the rabbit world, they should have a short compact body and short head. They come in a variety of colors however, torts are the most common.


Hope this quick description of the types of lops helps......~Carrie

LLL's Tricia, Holland Lop baby who now lives in Maine =)

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