Raising Holland Lop Bunnies, for Pets and Show!

Happy New Year!

Please email me questions. Thank you for your interest in Live, Laugh, Lops bunnies! 

These little ones in the older litters are so social and love to explore!  

Litter 1: 

LLL's Willow (chocolate) and LLL's Cocoa Puff (chocolate otter)

DOB: 12/8/2020

This is Willow's second litter. Her first litter she didn't care for, so I was a little concerned about this. She did amazing/

1. Chocolate Harlequin Doe- Pending Pegie

2. Chocolate Otter Doe

3. Chocolate Otter Buck-Hold Lori

4. Chocolate Harlequin Doe- Hold Angela

5. Chocolate Harlequin Buck- Hold Tracy and Mary

Picture updated 1/16/21

8 weeks old February 2nd

Litter 2: 

LLL's Nia (broken chocolate) and LLL's Prince (tort)

DOB: 12/8/2020

This was little Nia's first litter. Sadly two of the babies were born outside of the nest and did not survive. The one surviving baby is doing great, although mom did clean too much of its ear, and the baby is now missing a piece of its ear. 

LLL's Earless, Brocken Blue Tort Buck- Hold Lilly

Picture updated 1/16/2020

8 weeks old February 2nd

Litter 3: 

LLL's Belle (tri) and LLL's Tornado (opal)

DOB: 12/8/2020

This was also Belle's first litter. I had no need to worry as Belle's mother and grandmother and great grandmother are all amazing bunny moms, and so is Belle. A beautiful litter of three! 

1. Broken Blue Doe- Hold Dawn

2. Blue Harlequin Doe- Keeping at this time

3. Opal Buck- Hold Julie G.

Picture updates- 1/16/2021

8 weeks old February 2nd

Litter 4

LLL's Digger (Broken Black) and KL's Marks (chinchilla)

DOB: 12/30/2020

Sweet Digger is my five year old daughters bunny, she is such a sweet doe and a great mother. She had a beautiful litter of three babies! 

Two chinchillas and a broken squirrel

8 weeks old February 24th- not available for deposits at this time.

Litter 5

LLL's Dusty (black otter) and LLL's Sunny D (broken orange)

DOB: 12/30/2020

I was wondering if the good old girl Dusty was ready to retire since her last litter was only a single baby. She surprised me with a large litter of five this time! Looks likes some great colors and I can't wait to see what they turn out to be. 

A chestnut, a chocolate chestnut, 2 oranges and a broken orange (likely smutty)

8 weeks old February 24th- not available for deposits at this time.

Litter 6

New Moon's Katie (brk black) and KL's Marks (chinchilla)

DOB: 1/12/2021

The first litter of the new year! Katie is such an amazing mother and doe. She is currently a project doe for a few of our animal science students at Dover High School. The students were the ones that chose the best mate for her, and I think that they chose well. The babies are adorable! (Picture coming soon!)

Please note- I am only available on Saturdays for bunny pickups. 

Prices: Pet bunnies are typically $80 , Bunnies sold with pedigrees and show quality are $100+

I can not hold a bunny without a deposit. Deposits can be made via PayPal, please e-mail and I can explain how to do it. I only accept PayPal or cash. Sorry no checks or money orders.

PENDING- Deposit is on the way

HOLD- A deposit has been received on the bunny

KEEPING- Bunny is staying with me so that I can see how he/ she matures =)

                               UPDATED: 1/17/2021