Raising Holland Lop Bunnies, for Pets and Show!

Winter litters are being planned and born in February! Lets hope for some cuties!

Babies are being born!!!! Yay!!!

These are all of my current litters! I do have a waiting list for the babies  but some will be available. Typically I have about a 3-4 month waiting period for certain colors and bunnies. If you are interested in being added to my  waiting list please send me an e-mail. Thank you for your interest in Live, Laugh, Lops bunnies! 

February 1st! 

New Moon's Katie and LLL's Casonova

Katie is a first time mom who is doing wonderfully. She is very attentive to her children and they are all doing great. She has four littles 2 Broken black, 1 Broken blue, and a broken lilac. 

February 11th

LLL's Jessie and LLL's Bean

Jessie is also a first time mommy, she gave birth to a huge litter of 6! Sadly one of the babies was a peanut and didn't make it. The rest are doing great! Definitely a tri and harlie in the litter.

February 12th

HL's Treasure and LLL's Casonova

Treasure is a tiny little doe who had two beautiful little babies. They look like mini me's of their parents. A Broken blue and a blue.

Expecting Litters (hopefully!)

February 18th

LLL's Hershey (Chocolate) and LLL's Tornado (Opal)

LLL's Rio (Harlequin) and LLL's Nimbus (Frosted)

LLL's Savannah (Black) and LLL's Smudge (tri) 

February 24th

New Moon's Pumpkin (blue harlequin) and LLL's Nimbus (Frosty)

Pawprints Rain (Brk Sable Pt) and New Moon's Nicholas (Lilac)

New Moon's Petunia (Brk Black) and LLL's Sherlock (Chinchilla)

LLL's Annie (Blue) and LLL's Moose (Brk Chocolate)

March 4th

LLL's Dahlia (Brk Opal) and LLL's Cas (Blue)

LLL's Riley (Harlequin) and LL's Moose (Brk Chocoalate)

March 5th

LLL's Truffles (Harlequin)  and LLL's Bean (Tri)

LLL's Elsa (Frosty) and LLL's Prince (Tort)

Due to the confusion of the waiting list I have decided to make the list private. I now keep track on a excel spreadsheet. If you would like to wait for a certain color, sex, or breed I would be happy to let you know when I get them. If you should change your mind or back out once I contact you on an available bunny than you will be removed from the list or moved to the bottom of the list. Once I contact you about the availability of a bunny you have one week to respond, after that I will contact the next person on the list. I can not hold a bunny without a deposit. Deposits can be made via paypal, please e-mail and I can explain how to do it. I only accept paypal or cash. Sorry no checks or money orders.

PENDING- Deposit is on the way

HOLD- A deposit has been received on the bunny

SOLD- Paid in full and will pick up when old enough

WATCHING- I want to watch this bunny as it may be a keeper

KEEPING- Bunny is staying with me so that I can see how he/ she matures =)

                               UPDATED: 2/17/2019