Raising Holland Lop Bunnies, for Pets and Show!

Happy Winter!

These are all of my current litters! I tend to breed my bunnies from spring through fall, although I do attempt a few winter litters but often the bunnies aren't interested. I try to update pictures on the weekends.

Please email me questions or if you are interested in any of the babies! Thank you for your interest in Live, Laugh, Lops bunnies! 

Pictures updated 12/1/19!

New Moon's Katie and LLL's Prince's Litter

DOB: 11/4/2019

This girl surprised me with a huge litter of six! So impressed at how well she is doing with all of her little babies. It also looks like there are quite the variety of colors to! Can't wait to see what we will have. 

1. LLL's Olaf- Broken Sable Point Buck-Hold Pj

2. LLL's Blitzen-Broken Blue Buck- Hold CP

3. LLL's Donnor- Sable Point Buck- Available

4. LLL's Sven- Chocolate Buck- Available

5. LLL's Topper-Seal Buck-Hold TB

6. LLL's Angel-Blue Doe- Pending AP

Ready Dec. 23rd

HHL's Treausure and New Moon's Rocco's Litter

DOB: 11/4/2019

This litter Treasure is doing amazing. She had difficulty last time and only had one baby that needed to be fostered. This time she is doing amazing and even fostering Dahlias baby. So happy for this pretty girl! 

These babies are pretty small and not available at this time. 

1. LLL's Hocus Pocus-Broken Black Buck

2. LLL's Rudolph -Fawn Buck

3. LLL's Karen-Broken Black Doe

8 weeks old Dec. 30th

LLL's Dahlia and LLL's Tornado's Litter

DOB: 11/4/2019

This giant little one was a single little baby, and being by itself it didn't seem like it was going to make it. Luckily Treasure is a great mom and has taken the little one into her litter. The baby is a big baby but is now doing very well with its adoptive family.

LLL's Elsa- Light Point or Frosty Doe- Available

Ready Dec 30th 2019

LLL's Annie and LLL's Moose's Litter

Born: 10/25/2019

Beautiful Annie has a nice litter of 2 both are healthy and doing great! 

1. LLL's Buddy- Lilac Buck- Sold GB

2. LLL's Midnight- Black Buck- Sold MR

8 weeks old Dec. 19th.

LLL's Hot Cocoa and LLL's Oscar's Litter

Born 10/22/2019

Pretty little Hottie had a large litter of FIVE! She is such a great momma, and pulled so much fur that her sides are bald. 

1. LLL's Dancer- Broken Chocolate Doe- Hold- LB

2.LLL's Prancer Broken Chocolate Doe- SOLD MP

3. LLL's Cupid- Chocolate Buck- Runt unavailable at this time.

4. LLL's Donnor- Broken Chocolate Buck- HOLD KL.

5. LLL's Comet- Chocolate Buck- Available

8 weeks old Dec. 17th

LLL's Poogie and LLL's Ryley Jr.'s Litter

Born Oct. 19th 2019

Two beautiful little babies. A black and a broken black. The broken black does have the tips of its ears nibbled off but is doing great!

1.  LLL's Nibbles- Broken Black (earless) Doe- Hold Maya

2. LLL's Eve- Black Doe- Available- details on For sale page.

Not ready until Dec. 14th 2019

Due to the confusion of the waiting list I have decided to make the list private. I now keep track on a excel spreadsheet. If you would like to wait for a certain color, sex, or breed I would be happy to let you know when I get them. If you should change your mind or back out once I contact you on an available bunny than you will be removed from the list or moved to the bottom of the list. Once I contact you about the availability of a bunny you have one week to respond, after that I will contact the next person on the list. I can not hold a bunny without a deposit. Deposits can be made via paypal, please e-mail and I can explain how to do it. I only accept paypal or cash. Sorry no checks or money orders.

PENDING- Deposit is on the way

HOLD- A deposit has been received on the bunny

SOLD- Paid in full and will pick up when old enough

KEEPING- Bunny is staying with me so that I can see how he/ she matures =)

                               UPDATED: 12/7/2019