Raising Holland Lop Bunnies, for Pets and Show!

These handsom guys are my herd Bucks!

LLL's Moose

Broken Chocolate Buck

Moose was not supposed to stay at LiveLaughLops, but I just couldn't sell such an amazing buck! He is one of the best chocolates type wise that I have ever gotten. He has the nice Holland head and rounder body. His rich chocolate color is just stunning too. His parents are Riley and McGee. He has a great personality, and likes to be social. He does have a sweet tooth and really enjoys his fruits! 


LLL's Duncan

Chocolate Self Buck

Self Color Group

Weight: 3.2 pounds

Duncan is a cutie. His persoanlity is just like dads. He is a laid back and cuddly little guy. He lives in my classroom at school and the students love him, he lets them hold him like a baby. he is probably the most relaxed and sweet bunny I have ever had! Such a great little guy! His parents are SLF's Fudge and LLL's Kiwi, which help explain why this guy is so mellow and affectionate. He is now a proven Daddy and is the new herd buck for my chocolate program.

ARBA Registered

8 week old baby picture:



  LLL's Sherlock

Chinchilla Buck

Agouti Color Group

Weight: 3.4 pounds

DOB: May 19th 2014

Sherlock is an adorable and friendly little man.  He looks just like a chinchilla buck I had bought named Ghost. I love his coloring and if he keeps growing like he is he will definitely do well at the shows. His parents are Regals Aurora and SBP's Fergal. This little guy is super friendly, he is great with my daughter Abby who is only 10months old, he kisses her and makes her laugh. Such a good boy!

ARBA Registered

(Photo taken at 5 weeks old)

McGee is my handsom guy from Michigan, he is a broken black with a nice type and crown. He has a nice temperament and is a natural poser!

Weight: 3.6 pounds

Broken Black Buck

LLL's Casonova (Aka..Cas)

Blue Buck

Self Color Group

Weight: 3 pounds

Cas's parents are LLL's Kiwi and LLL's Romeo. He is a great little man that shows lots of promise, a wider crown and more compact body. I am hoping that he will mature nicely. Picture of him at 8 weeks old. He is being raised this summer with one of my students- Kristin! Have fun with him!

ARBA Registered

LLL's Monty

Lilac Buck

Monty is such a sweet guy! He is a cuddler and a lover! I absolutely love this guys fun yet sweet disposition. He can run around loose and he always comes right back to say hi. Such a sweet little man. He is also really small at just slightly over 3 pounds. 

* picture is of him as a junior

LLL's Waffles

Orange Buck

Waffles is a son of Duncan and Lucy's, he is an extremely affectionate buck. He has a lot of energy and is a true classroom bunny. That is how he received his name because my students decided it fit him and it has stuck. 

LLL's Prince

Tort Buck

This young man came back to me after the family who had him couldn't keep him anymore. This little man is full of energy and is so affectionate. I am thrilled that he has come home. He is great with my two year old daughter who has fallen in love with this little guy. 

His parents are LLL's Cindy Lou and Swan Valley's Tucker. DOB: Spring of 2017.

Full Pedigree

Thundering Oaks Oakley

Broken Sable Point Buck

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Oakley is one of the sweetest bucks! He fits right into my little herd. He is so well behaved and is affectionate and gives kisses. He is a funny little guy who does a happy dance when you go to feed him each day. Although he is getting older and slowing down he still has a lot of spunk left in him. 

LLL's Nimbus

Frosted Buck

Weight:2.7 pounds (junior)

This young man has a lot of potential. I am very pleased with how his crown is maturing. He has the best friendliest temperment and as a baby has been used in many rabbit handling training sessions at school. He is very fond of his veggies and will hopefully have some beautiful children of his own someday. His dad is LLL's Cherlock and mom is LLL's Cindy Lou

DOB- Dec 2017