Raising Holland Lop Bunnies, for Pets and Show!

These pretty girls are my does!

LLL's Kristin

Broken Tort Doe

This stunning little girl has really impressed me! She is out of Ella and Jack. Ella tends to produce babies that are longer in body, but this little girl completely takes after her dad. She is  the perfect little holland in type. She has an affectionate personality which has made her a classroom bunny as well. I really hope to show her this spring. More photos will be coming as she matures. 

LLL's Candy Apple

Chocolate Doe

DOB: 2016

Weight: 3.2 pounds

Candy is super tiny. She has a friendly personality and has been a great bunny ambassador taking part in several petting barns and school events. She is a cuddle bug and just snuggles in your arms. Such a sweet little girl. Her mother is New Moon's Pumpkin and her father is from New Moon's Paddington. I really like her shorter ears, although they do sometimes fold which doesn't please me. She has a nice crown and compact body for a doe.

  LLL's Mimzy

Magpie Doe

Weight: 3.75 pounds

Born: December 2015

Mimzy is a pretty doe, with the stunning marble pattern. She does have a little torting on her nose, not to bad though. Her father is sweet Harvey. She shares Harvey's sweet disposition.


Harlequin Doe

Weight: 4 pounds

Riley is a beautiful girl that recently came back to me. I am so happy to have her back. Her parents are LLL's Rosie and SBP's Crackerjack. She is a beautiful harlequin, and one of the only babies I have from Crackerjack. I love her nice round head. She also carries the chocolate gene too. Shes a little shy with people she doesn't know, but eager to say hi to my husband and I. She loves treats!

Full Pedigree

LLL's Maple

Chocolate Harlequin Doe

Maple is such a sweet natured little girl which leads to her being a class pet favorite. Her mommy is LLL's Riley. She is an excellent mother and does well as a companion bunny or on her own. Love this sweet doe. 

Full pedigree


  LLL's Rio

Harlequin Doe

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Born- Winter 2016

Rio is a very pretty doe. She has a nice marble mix of browns and blacks. She has a nice head and body. I wish she had a little more mass but otherwise she is beautiful. She is a chocolate carrier. Her mother is Riley.

Chocolate Point Doe

Weight: 3.6 pounds

Eliza Mae is a gorgeous doe! I had never seen a chocolate point before her, and she is stunning! She is a good mother and is a very outgoing doe. She has definitely matured nicely and has a beautiful crown and ear length.

  LLL's Belle

Broken Chocolate Doe

Belle is a doe that I had sold as a baby (and regretted it!). So when I found out my friend Julie had gotten Belle, I had to have her! So Belle has come back home. She is a pretty doe, that looks like spitting images of her mother Nutella and grandmother Muffin. She is a wonderful mother and unlike her parents takes on her fathers smaller size. She is a wonderful girl and I am thankful that she came back.

This sweet girl is now enjoying retirement with one of my students, Lexi

LLL's Emma

Broken Lilac Doe

Born March 2017, parents are LLL's Belle and New Moon's Oliver

Emma is a beautiful and kind doe. She has a natural mothering instinct. She is so friendly and cuddly. Although she isn't the best type she is definitely an improvement toward the goals. I absolutely lover her color! 

WHOLF'S Clover

Broken Magpie

DOB: 9/17/2017

Clover is a super cute little girl. She comes from my LLL's Phoebe and New Moon's Oliver. She will hopefully mature to have a nice type like her mother. The only thing I wish she didn't have was the torting on her nose. 

LLL's Lulu

LLL's Ari

LLL's Hunnybunn's

LLL's Hershey

New Moon's Pretty Petunia