Raising Holland Lop Bunnies, for Pets and Show!


These are some of the bunnies that have found great new homes and wonderful families!






Alexei, is a mini rex

The birthday girl and her new friend!

Meroke happily living with Victoria and Family

Sammy with his best Friend!







Shyla Shae Bunney Mae and Rosie Posie Bunny Faye!

Both enjoying their new bunny home! =)

Munchikin and Ash- Happily living with Kassidy and Family!

Ash won "Best of Breed" at a show this year with Kassidy!

Miss Minnie in her house!

Baby Bailey Bunny, getting ready to go for a walk!

This is Lyric Saphire, a blue holland doe





LLL's Fritz! Denim and Caleb's son, now living with Lorinda in Mass.


LLL"s BAMBI who is now living with Jade!


LLL"s Lyric Saphire in a T-shirt! lol

LLL's Jasmine, now living in Salem NH!

AnnMaries spoiled little bunny friends!

LLL's Otto 


LLL's Hans Solo 

LLL's Finn, a mini lop, liveing with Kori!

This bunny owns some real estate! So spoiled!





 Little NORA in her new home!